The Administrative Relief Engagement (ARE) Project is a community-based collaborative of Pillsbury United Communities and The Advocates for Human Rights designed to ensure that Minnesota’s immigrants enjoy greater opportunity and dignity. The ARE Project provides immigrants with convenient access to the legal advice and assistance they need to be part of the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program and helps immigrants access a career track so they can move themselves and their families toward greater economic stability.

BREAKING NEWS – Potential DAPA & DACA+ decision next week

The US Supreme Court might be making a decision on the future of DAPA and DACA+ this Monday, June 6th or 13th according to Univision.

The deferred action programs announced on November of 2014 by President Obama will provide an opportunity to more than 5 million immigrants in the country and more than 30,000 in Minnesota to apply for work authorization and deferment of deportation for a period of 3 years.

Do you know if you are eligible for a work permit under one of these programs? Visit CALDE at the Mercado Central 2nd floor Suite 218 between 2-6 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

You can also download this document for more information and stay updated by checking our Facebook page.

1 Year Later – future of DAPA & DACA+ still unknown

Today is the 1yr anniversary of DAPA and DACA+.

One year ago today, President Obama announced the DAPA and DACA+ programs that would offer temporary protection from deportation to roughly 5 million immigrants across the U.S.

Today—while still blocked from being implemented—the future of these programs and 5 million people is uncertain. However, we are joining other organizations across the country in the fight to ensure that the Supreme Court takes the case and rules in favor of immigrant families.

In the meantime, we encourage all who believe might be eligible for DACA to please seek legal assistance and request DACA benefits.

The CALDE center offers free legal immigration assistance to Minnesotans who want to apply for DACA. You can learn more about it by watching this quick video, a project from a current Waite House volunteer and Journalism student at the U of M. (Thanks, Kirin!)

Please visit us at CALDE and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Bill to allow DACA recipients & DREAMer students to apply for federal financial aid for higher edu.

DACA recipient, Edgar

Good news for DACA recipients and DREAMer students.

There is currently a bill in the U.S. Senate that would allow DACA recipients and DREAMer students the ability to apply for federal financial assistance to advance their higher education efforts. In Minnesota, DACA recipients are allowed to apply for state-funded financial but the passage of this bill would be a tremendous help for this population.

The College Options for DREAMers Act was introduced by Sen. Mazie Hirono and was co-sponsored on September 24th by our U.S. Senator Al Franken.

We’ll be tracking this bill and updating this site as we continue to come across more information so stay tuned here!

Preparing for DAPA

The Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program is on hold at the moment, but you can start getting ready for DAPA right now.

Download the DAPA Checklist. Get ready to apply for DAPA by collecting the documents you may need to prove your identity, date of entry, and physical presence in the United States.

Get a copy of any criminal records. A criminal record is a record of any contact with the police, courts, or jails. Not all criminal records will disqualify you from DAPA, but because some criminal records may prevent you from qualifying from DAPA or may even be an enforcement priority, it is important to get a copy of any records before you apply for DAPA.

Read about the Do’s and Don’ts of DAPA at